Exhibition the century of Balenciaga
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Exhibition the century of Balenciaga

The exhibition is sponsored by T-ZIR.

T-ZIR sponsors the exhibition "The century of Balenciaga" to promote the transmission of culture through new technologies uniting in a single experience the physical, digital, social and emotional. 

The phygitalization of the museum space by T-ZIR consists of: 

1) Sensorization of space and management of big data. Sensors have been placed in the exhibition hall that collect data anonymously and allow a big data analysis and know data such as: 
The behavior of visitors in the room, compared to which works have been stopped longer, which routes have done within the space or how they have interacted with technology. Measures of visitors by days or time slots, days of more influx, behavior patterns crossed with other variables ... 

2) Installation of an interactive table with the catalog of the exhibition. The winning solution of the second edition of the Aragón Open Future accelerator, Meraki Codes, has been implemented in the hall of the IAACC Pablo Serrano to show the exhibition's catalog in a multisensory way in its interactive table. In this way, visitors interact with the content in a more attractive and experiential way and attracts visitors from other exhibitions. 

The exhibition, which opens on February 20 at 7:00 pm and will be in room 2 of the Aragon Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture until May 19, makes us discover for the first time some data unknown until now, with a hundred of unpublished images, of the costumes hitherto never seen, and also, the universe of his atelier, his artistic tastes, as well as his influences through painting. An exhibition in which the contemporaries like Pedro Rodríguez, Carmen Mir, Asunción Bastida, Pertegaz or Elio Berhanyer, as well as Zaragoza will have a special section within the work of the great designer.



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